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Engineering sales of air knife blowers, blow off fans, stainless steel fans and SST blowers, spark resistant ventilators, combustion blowers, vane axial / tube axial blowers, high pressure ventilators, sealed blowers and fans, FRP fiberglass ventilators.

Industrial Fan Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of centrifugal blower and axial fan. Industrial Fan Company was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs with ambitious plans and assisted by a team of top engineers in the fan / blower industry.

 Single-Width Fans feature three types of backward inclined wheels for maximum efficiency air performance: airfoil wheels with acoustafoil fan blades for highest efficiency in clean, dry air streams, PLR BI fan wheels with flat, single thickness blower blades for high mechanical efficiency in moist or dust contaminated fan airstreams, and backward curved ventialtor wheels with curved, single-thickness fan blades for high CFM and performance in moist and oil airstreams. Single-Width Fans offer direct drive and belt drive fan / blower arrangements for a wide variety of OEM ventilation air systems.

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  Centralized Air Make-Up
  Fume Extracting
  Dust Collection
  Air Pollution Control
  Pneumatic Conveying
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800 F Vaneaxial Fans are designed to operate continuously at temperatures to 800 deg. F, and include an auxiliary cooling fan that forces air through the bearing compartment and exits out through the insulated belt opening taking away excessive heat from 
the shaft and bearings. A high temperature shaft seal is also standard on this design. Certain chemicals may have characteristics that require safeguards beyond those required for any of the certified atmospheric groups. Carbon disulfide is an example of such a chemical because of its low ignition temperature and the small joint clearance to arrest its flame propagation.  Corrosion resistant and chemical resistant fans for chemical, food, gas and petro chemical industries, spark-resistant fans sales. Corrosion resistant and chemical resistant fans for chemical, food, gas and petro chemical industries, spark-resistant fans and explosion proof blowers.